Jockstrap Guide: Finde die perfekten Jocks

Jockstrap Guide: Find the Perfect Jocks

Discover the different jockstrap shapes and find out which style of this sexy underwear suits you

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The jockstrap is probably the most popular underwear to create the hot look for men. Of course, the selection of different styles is large. But what are the differences between the individual jocks anyway? We are going answer this question and have compiled the different styles of sexy men's underwear :


In a very classic design, the jockstrap is based on genital protection and therefore consists only of a cup with a hip band, to which two straps are attached and thus additionally fix the jock below the buttocks


Brief Jock

With this style you get men's briefs with a sexy upgrade. With a generous opening on the back, the conventional undie is simply converted into a super hot brief jock.

Jock letter

Jock Thong

Here the jock is simply combined with a thong ... the result is an extravagant jock thong! In addition to the straps, this model now also has a thong and the distinctive triangular cut on the buttocks.

jock thong

Jock Boxer

According to the same principle as with the Brief Jock, you will find little fabric on the bottom of these sexy boxers and the designation as "Access Trunk" from PUMP! Underwear sounds absolutely plausible for the jock boxers.

jock boxers

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