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Swimwear 2023

The anticipation for the warm season is great again this year and we look forward to enjoy the summer of 2023 to the fullest. Beach, sun, pool and just leave everyday life behind is the motto now. What is missing? Of course, the right outfit for the beach. But don't worry, we've put together the coolest swimming shorts and trendiest swim briefs for you - with which you will not only look good under water.

Discover sexy swim briefs, cool shorts and fashionable thongs in the latest trend colors and get the most popular designs for the current bathing season. The selected swimwear from our brands not only impress with their high quality, but also offer you excellent wearing comfort. Convince yourself and shop the hottest styles for the next pool session right now.

Tropical to camo: Patterned swimwear for the perfect beach style

Unusual patterns are very refreshing and are a great eye-catcher on summer trips to the beach or a long game of beach volleyball. In the new swimwear collection you will find the patterned styles as men's swim briefs and trunks.

Herren Bade TangaHerren Bade Tanga

Super sexy: tight swim bikinis and thongs

Swimwear can be so hot. For all self-confident men, the trend is towards showing what you have - and nothing fits better than a tight bikini or even a revealing men's swim thong for the sexy beach outfit.

swim shorts in chic colors

Casual swim shorts are always up to date and extremely popular with men. It's all the more fun if the style is still right. The tight swimming shorts score across the board with strong colors and also offer useful UV protection.

Cool basics: Men's swim briefs 2.0

Basic doesn't have to be boring! Especially not when your new swim briefs come around the corner with a fresh design. As a special highlight, some of the trendy swim briefs also have a removable push-up insert for the ultimate masculine look.

Striped swimwear in sailor design

Hardly anything goes better with sun and sea than the classic sailor look. The blue and white striped swimwear conveys the maritime flair perfectly and doesn't just fit like a glove under water!

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