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Boxers Guide - Find the best fit!

Boxers are one of the most popular types of underwear for men and have become an integral part of the fashion world. As the name suggests, the stylish boxers originally came from boxing and only later found their purpose as popular men's underwear . Whether patterned, colorful or in subtle plain colors - boxers can be found in the range of all major underwear brands and you have the choice between countless models.

Which boxers are there and what are the differences?

In order to go on a targeted search, it makes sense to think about it in advance. Because boxers are not just boxers. When it comes to style, a basic distinction is made between wide and narrow boxers. But even then, in the end, it's the details that count.

Wide boxers

Due to their loose cut, wide boxers look particularly casual and are also often referred to as American boxers. In addition to checkered patterns, funny prints are typical of this classic model, which can boast a considerable fan base. One often comes across the term woven boxers, since the loose shorts are made from woven fabrics.

loose boxer shorts with a checked pattern


  • loose fit
  • casual look
  • woven fabric
  • often checked/patterned

Tight boxers

The tight-fitting version of a boxer is called a boxer brief. The term, which comes from the USA, describes the combination of classic boxers and briefs. The two different shapes were combined to form a figure-hugging underwear shape with long legs. Ultimately, the popular cut has even made underwear for men significantly more popular overall and women also love this body-hugging style on men. Incidentally, in Germany the names pants or retro shorts are more common for this type of undies. You will soon find out exactly what these terms are all about.

Tight-fitting boxer shorts in black


  • figure-hugging fit
  • fashionable appearance
  • elastic waistband
  • often made of cotton


For a while, underwear with mini briefs, thongs and the like couldn't be scarce enough. As before, with the designation Retro you wear your undies a little longer again ... and therefore also "retro pants". Even if the term retro in the case of the pants suggests something else, the figure-hugging boxers are absolutely right on trend.

men's blue panties

Retro shorts/trunks

The buttocks and the frontal area are also completely covered by retro shorts, but they are - if you take it exactly - shorter than the related retro pants. In English-speaking countries, the chic hot pants for men are called trunks and are just right for everyone who likes their men's underwear short but not too short.

boxer shorts

The best boxers

It is not so easy to answer which are the best boxers . Because not only the tastes, but also the demands on the popular shorts can be fundamentally different. While the exciting design is crucial for some, the next prefers it to be elegant or perhaps values ​​breathable material. But there are also crucial similarities that make really good boxers. Of course we are talking about quality. What's the use of a beautiful look that fades or even loses its shape after a short period of use. Here it is definitely worth using high-quality brands for your boxers and benefiting in the long term from skin-friendly fabrics and good workmanship.

You should pay attention to that

Even with the most well-known brands, there are of course some differences and so boxers from different manufacturers do not necessarily wear the same. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the manufacturer's information, especially when it comes to size. By the way, you can find out exactly how to determine your size and take the right measurements in our size guide for underwear , so you will later have boxers that really fit in your wardrobe.

Lightbulb Our tip

As with many other items of clothing, it can take a while for boxers to find the right style for you. You probably didn't find your favorite jeans right away either. So if you are not completely satisfied with the fit, the fabric or the look of your current boxers - be open to new things and just try them out. Sometimes a new outfit can work wonders, and maybe even a brand you haven't considered offers the perfect boxers for your body.

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