Der Unterhosen Guide für Männer

Men's Underwear Guide

Underwear is now much more than just a necessary piece of clothing - it is the foundation for your daily outfit, accompanies you almost 24/7 and contributes significantly to your own well-being

With our large guide you will get interesting information about the different cuts and find out which undies are currently in trend for men.

Different Types and Styles - Which underwear suits me?

As is well known, every man has his own preferences and so you will find a variety of different shapes of men's underwear . In addition to the most well-known types, such as men's briefs and boxers, jockstraps and sexy thongs have finally found their place in modern underwear. But which style suits you best and does it even meet your requirements? In the next sections you will find out more about the properties of your new pants, which fit is considered very comfortable or which style looks particularly sexy.


Men's briefs are the most worn underwear. With a lot of freedom of movement thanks to their short legs, briefs go well with sporting activities and are also very popular in everyday life. In addition to its shaped front, the brief is characterized by an elastic waistband. This tight-fitting type of underwear is also available in many variants and so there are briefs with a fly or a matching push-up function for example.

figure-hugging briefs for men


  • body-hugging fit
  • good hold
  • elastic waistband
  • shaped front (pouch)
  • partly with fly

Tanga Briefs, Mini Briefs & Bikinis

These sexy undies have a few things in common - they get by with the minimum of fabric, are tightly cut and still cover the front and back completely. While mini briefs , which are also known as bikini briefs, have a very high leg, tanga briefs even do without the side material. Both styles are very well suited if you like your underwear to be revealing and freedom of movement is important to you.

Men's mini briefs in tanga design


  • minimal use of fabric
  • cut short
  • Low-Waist - Sits below the hips
  • no side material (Tanga Briefs)

Boxer briefs, retro pants & boxer shorts

As comfortable everyday underwear or a stylish fashion accessory - boxer shorts are very popular and therefore available in a wide variety of types and designs. Boxer briefs are particularly popular among the chic pants, as their fit is the perfect symbiosis of figure-hugging men's briefs and casual boxer shorts. The tight-fitting shorts, which can also be found under the term retropants or trunks, guarantee you great support in every situation. On top of that, boxer shorts are simply very comfortable to wear and also look damn good.

tight-fitting boxer brief for him


  • longer leg approach
  • elastic waistband
  • shaped front (boxer briefs)


Yes, they are also available for men! The thong is the sexy lingerie par excellence to show off the booty and is no longer only at home in the women's world. Striking for the thong is the typical triangular cut (tanga) on the back and the connecting piece (thong), which runs between the buttocks to the front of the pouch. So if you want to be a bit more daring, a thong could be just the right underwear for you. Incidentally, under tight clothing, the tight thongs have the great advantage that no contours are visible.

daring thong


  • Triangle cut at the bottom (thong)
  • elastic waistband
  • sex appeal

Jockstraps & Bottomless Underwear

Sporty and super sexy at the same time! Jockstraps have found their way into athletes' wardrobes as a necessary suspensory and are now a fashionable must-have for men who like bottomless underwear. The extravagant jocks have a push-up effect thanks to the straps running under the buttocks and are ideal as erotic men's underwear.

Jockstrap briefs with an open back


  • Sporty & sexy
  • Suspenders (jockstrap)
  • Elastic waistband

Long Johns

Exactly the right underwear for the cold season! Long undies for men are also known as "long johns" and are often worn under thinner suit pants or as ski underwear in winter. Their figure-hugging cut and practical design ensure that the long underpants keep you warm and are not visible under clothing.

Long men's underpants


  • Slim fit
  • Elastic waistband
  • ankle-length cut

    Waist height - this is how your underwear fits


    Mid waist is the very regular cut where the waistband ends directly at the waist. With their regular fit, these undies are suitable for everyday underwear and are extremely comfortable.

    low waist

    Low waist or low cut undies end with the waistband below the hips. Due to their tight fit, this type of underwear can look very sexy on a trained body.

    high waist

    High waist underwear sits with the waistband above the hips. This cut also scores with the fact that smaller curves are discreetly concealed, making the waist appear a little narrower.

    Special shapes and extras

    Functional underwear adapts to the needs of its wearer and also has a few extras if you wish. Below you will find out more about push-up variants and which additional features are also very popular in modern men's underwear.

    Push-up Underwear

    Practical push-up briefs and boxer shorts easily create the look you want and shape your curves in a targeted manner. With the help of inserted ribbons, for example, the genitals are slightly raised in Andrew Christian's Show-It underwear in order to optically bring more volume into the undies. Other brands, on the other hand, rely on push-up inserts, which pad the desired areas for the sexy look and at the same time offer a very comfortable fit.

    Andrew Christian Show-It underwear with push-up effect


    The opening in men's undies originally served for direct and quick access to the member, but is more decorative in current underwear models and is often accompanied by matching contrasting seams.


    Side pockets can often be found in the collections of cool boxer shorts. The stylish pockets not only spice up the design, but can also be extremely practical for storing smaller items.


    No more annoying labels! Tagless underwear does not have labels with material information, care instructions, etc. With this type of underwear, all important information is accommodated by a skin-friendly print on the inside.


    The shaped front of briefs and boxers is specially designed for men and keeps everything in its place. The extra pouch in these underpants not only makes them more comfortable to wear but also gives them a masculine look.

    The best underwear:

    Whether boxers, briefs or perhaps a completely different style are the best undies for a man cannot be answered in general and still depends primarily on one's own taste. As you have now learned in our article, other factors also play a role and it is important to consider whether you wear your underwear more appropriately for the workout or whether you want to look seductive on your partner on a romantic evening... So think twice when making your choice and nothing can go wrong to find the right shape and be completely satisfied with your new underwear.

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