Unterwäsche: So finden Männer die passende Größe

Underwear: This is how men find the right size

Find out how to measure for the perfect fit underwear
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Measure undershirts fit:

Measure undershirt size

Measure your entire chest circumference across the fullest part of your chest and compare this value with the manufacturer's size information.

Measuere underwear fit:

Measure underpants size

Measure the circumference of your hips where your trousers normally end and compare this value with the manufacturer's sizing information.

Size matters

As a man, finding the right size for his underwear can be a challenge. What is still size M for brand A can already be size L for brand B. It is therefore all the more important to observe the manufacturer's size specifications so that your underwear fits perfectly right from the start. In our Size Guide we have stored all the information about the right size directly on the corresponding product pages and you don't have to do anything other than take your measurements beforehand.

International Size Chart

The following size table for men's underwear makes it clear once again how exactly the US sizes from XS to XXL are converted into German sizes.

GER size US size
3 XS
4 S
5 M
6 L
7 XL


The little effort is worth it. Because perfectly fitting underwear and shirts not only increase the wearing comfort, but also look much better on your body!

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