Alles zu Material & Pflege deiner Unterwäsche

Everything about the material and care of your underwear

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What do the fabrics have to offer?

Underwear materials consist of synthetic or natural fibers and also have very useful properties. Skin-friendly wearing comfort, longevity or the removal of moisture are all factors that are taken into account when selecting the material for the production of high-quality men's underwear . Below you will find the most important features of the fabrics primarily used and find out what the individual materials of underwear are particularly well suited for.

Cotton Cotton

As a natural fiber, underwear made of cotton is very comfortable on the skin and is particularly good at absorbing moisture. Due to the soft structure, skin irritations are largely avoided and cotton is therefore also ideal for allergy sufferers. In order to give the comfortable underwear even more flexibility, pure cotton is often processed as a blended fabric with a proportion of elastane.

microfiber microfiber fabric

Microfibre underwear consists of very fine, tightly woven fabrics and quickly transports moisture to the outside. The breathable synthetic fibers are therefore ideal as sports underwear and are also extremely dimensionally stable. The surface is usually soft to the touch and can appear matt or shiny, depending on the composition. Incidentally, microfiber is usually made of a polyamide such as nylon.

mesh mesh fabric

Mesh fabrics are used in a variety of advanced men's underwear. The fine holes in micro-mesh underwear keep you dry longer during your workout and have a slightly cooling effect. Wider meshes and also thinner processed mesh products are transparent and available as lingerie with lots of sex appeal.


care instructions

How to care for your underwear

Proper care is essential so that you can enjoy your new underwear for a long time. Above all, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer's care instructions. After all, each brand has its individual composition and the care of the laundry can vary accordingly. In general, pure cotton underwear can be washed at 60 degrees. With the addition of elastane, however, you should avoid using fabric softener in order to protect the material and avoid sagging in the long term. Synthetic fibers (polyamide etc.) tolerate a wash cycle up to a maximum of 40 degrees and are not suitable for the tumble dryer or the iron.

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